SWIFT: Amends to Claims 

30+ minutes

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MT707 : Amend a DC

Fileds, Tags and Validation to Amend the Documentary Credit : MT707

MT 747 : Advising DC amends to Reimb.Banks

MT747 deals with the advising DC amendments to reimbursing bank

MT730 : Acknoledgements

MT730 is used to acknowledge the receipt of a message relating to DC

MT750 : Request Authorization to process discrepancies

Some important fields of MT750 can be understood in this video

MT 752: Instruction to take up discrepant docs

Instruction to take up discrepancies in documents is dealt with by MT752

MT 732: Docs with discrepancies

MT732 deals with the documents with discrepancies taken up

MT 734: Rejection for Discrepancy

Let us look at the scope of MT734 and its fields.

MT 742: Claiming reimbursements

Any bank that makes a payment in terms of the LC in fulfilment of its role will ask for th payment. Have a look at MT742