Documentary Collections & URC

38+ minutes

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An introduction to DC

The international rules for documentary collections are the URC 522

DC : timing of goods and docs being received

The timing of receipt of goods and documents may often not match. Check out what happens in various such situations

DC risks: Need for Uniform rules for Collection

This video speaks about the risks involved in Dc and the need for uniform rules

URC 522 Definitions

Let us deal with some URC 522 definitions

Transport Documentation

Transport document is generated when the goods are picked up for transporting. Take a look at how it works.

Parties in a DC and bankers obligations

The role of parties in a DC and the bankers obligation, is dealt with here

BL - some aspects

Few other aspects of Bill of Lading is dealt with in this video

Airway bill

Understand how an airway bill works

Collection Instruction requirments

Get to know the requirements of Collection Instructions

Presentation of documents

Understand the methods of presentation of documents

Documents on Payment and against acceptance

Documents for collection can be on sight or acceptance. Get to know more

Bank's Obligation

The presenting bank is responsible to check if the documents are complee and correct.


The act of Bank guaranteeing the Bill run on the buyer is called Avalisation

Document vs Goods

Aricle 10 covers the documents versus Goods or services


Get familiar with the disclaimers for acts of an instructed party

Force Majeure

Force majeure relates to events beyond anybody's control