Documents in International Trade

25+ minutes

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Types of Invoices

This video throws light on the types of invoices

Transportation Documents

Transport document is generated when the goods are picked up for transporting. Take a look at how it works.

BL - a sample worked through

This video demonstrates a sample Bill of Lading

BL- other types and aspects

Few other aspects of Bill of Lading is dealt with in this video

Airway bill

Understand how an airway bill works

Insurance documents

Under Insurance policy the insurer agrees to indemnify the loss. Take a look to see how it works

A different perspective on documents

Understand the modality in which documents are classified

Understanding the Bills of Exchange

Bill of Exchange is an important document. Have a basic understanding on BoE

Definitions and nuances of BoE

A Bill of Exchange is a written instrument. Get to know some definitions relating to BoE

A sample BoE worked through

Have a look at a Sample BoE and see how it works