Basics of Forex and Forex Exposures

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Forex perspective in TF

Foreign exchange is the money denominated in the currency of a foreign country. Understand the basics of Forex in this video.

Theories for Exchange Rates

There are three theories on how exchange rates are determined. Get to know more details.

The Big Mac Index

This video deals with the details of the Big Mac Index

The Trade Impact of Exchange Rates

Let us discuss the trade impact of Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates

Fx quote is the exchange of the base currency with the variable currency. Understand this basics of Exchange rate with this video

Reading Quotations

Reading quotations are by standard conventions. Let us learn how to read quotations.

Cash, Tom & Spot

For currencies traded, the settlement dates can be Cash, Tom and Spot. Get to know more on this.

Market Players

A lot of trading happens in the market. This video throws light on the players in the market

Forex Exposure & risks

This video helps us in understanding the Fx exposures and risks

Forex Exposure impacting the Importers

This video will throw light on how the Forex exposure impacts the payments of Importers

Forex Exposure impacting the Exporters

Understand the impact of Forex exposure on the payment of Exporters

Forwards - Managing Exposures

This video will help you understand how Forwards help in managing the exposure risk