SWIFT: Advice to Queries 

45+ minutes

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MT 754: Advice of payment, acceptance, negotiation

MT754 deals with acceptance of payment, advise and negotiation

MT 756: Advice of payment, reimbursement

It can be that no specific reimbursement instructions or payemnt provisions were provided in the LC. Have a look at MT756

MT 790: Advice of Charges, interest other adjustments

MT790 deals with advice of charges, interest and other adjustments

MT 791: Request payment of Charges, interest other adjustments

MT791 deals with request of payment of charges, interest and expenses

MT 792: Request for Cancellation

Any sending bank can send a request for cancellation of any message. Get to know more about MT792

MT 795: Queries

Sometimes banks just need to query each other. They use MT795

MT 796: Answer to queries

Queries and cancellation messages are responded using MT796

MT 799: Free Format Message

The purpose of MT799 is the conversation between two banks