SWIFT for Trade

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Intro to SWIFT

International trade spans the entire globe and the trade transaction involves multiple cycles of communication. Check out the role of SWIFT in communication

Functionality & structure of SWIFT

SWIFT provides secure transmission. Check out on the functionality and structure of SWIFT

Bank Identification Code

BIC is a unique address, which identifies precisely, the institutions involved in financial transactions.

Basic communication and MT

The Message Types in SWIFT, help banks achieve the standard of completeness and accuracy.

Listing of MT 4xx / 7xx

As we are interested in the Message Types associated with Trade Finance, we will look at the Message listing of 4 series and 7 series

Basics of a message and its fields

Common basics in understanding messages is dealt with in this video

Highlevel view of SWIFT for DC

We will follow the flow of an LC transaction to understand where the MT7xx are used


35+ minutes